Troubleshooting application deployment and device compliance issues

When troubleshooting, perform a sanity check and confirm your test users and devices are in the groups that are being targeted.
Also, when logging on for the first time, register the device through the Store app - Company Portal.
Also, manually add your devices to the Device group being targeted.

In this tutorial, applications target the user group - AAD_Sec_User_Windows10_Corporate - so ensure all users that need those apps are in that group

Autopilot devices should be a member of the autopilot device group -
AAD_Sec_Device_AutopilotDevices - The autopilot device group
My test device is a member as it is an autopilot device

Add the device manually into the group - AAD_Sec_Device_Windows10_Corporate - to ensure it gets all the policies, configuration profiles and applications that target that group.

Device Categories
Check the device to see if it has been assigned a device category by the user via the Company Portal.

Endpoint Manager - Devices - All devices - Select the device

On the device - select - Properties
Check the device category

Unassigned shows that the device has not been added to the dynamic device group associated with the device category. Assist the client to install the Company Portal (if not deployed via Intune) and then select the category matching the device.

Select the category - Done

After a few minutes, the device category will update in Intune -

Note, updating the device category in the Intune portal will NOT deploy apps, configuration profiles etc as they target the dynamic device group associated with the category, not the category itself.


Device Compliance -

You can also view the device compliance in the device section
Here you can see that there is compliance errors.
Select the errors

Once selected, you will see the reason for the errors.
As this is a virtual machine without TPM and encryption, this error is expected.


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