Teams MSI Machine wide installer (Multi-user shared device)

Deploy Teams  - Link -

When a user logs in to Windows, Teams is installed with the MSI and a shortcut to start Teams is added to the user's desktop. Teams won't start until the user manually starts Teams. After the user manually starts Teams, Teams automatically starts whenever the user logs in.

Note that these examples also use the ALLUSERS=1 parameter. When you set this parameter, Teams Machine-Wide Installer appears in Programs and Features in Control Panel and in Apps & features in Windows Settings for all users of the computer. All users can then uninstall Teams if they have admin credentials on the computer.


Use this process for the install switches for machine wide install - Link -
msiexec /i Teams_windows_x64.msi OPTIONS="noAutoStart=true" ALLUSERS=1

Download Microsoft Teams MSI -
Download links - 32 bit - 64 bit -

Create the app -
Endpoint Manager - Apps - Windows

Select - Add
Use the drop down arrow to select - Line of business app
Click - Select

Click - Select app package

Browse and select the Teams msi installer

In - Publisher - Enter Microsoft

In - Command-line arguments
Add the command line argument -
msiexec /i Teams_windows_x64.msi OPTIONS="noAutoStart=true" ALLUSERS=1

You only need to upload a logo image if you are publishing in the Company Portal

App information page should look like below



Assignments -

Add groups that you are targeting for this app -
As this will be a Required app - select - Add Group - in the required section

Select the groups to be targeted
I am assigning to the users in the Windows 10 Corporate group.
I am also assigning to the devices in the Windows 10 Corporate device category group
Click - Select

Confirm the groups are correctly assigned -

Review -

Once confirmed - Click - Create



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