Creating a Kiosk machine and blocking access to inappropriate websites

Update the DNS servers on the NIC of the kiosk machine -
AdGuard DNS:,

Control Panel

Network and sharing -

Change adapter settings

Select and right mouse click the NIC -
Select - Properties

Select - Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)

Select - Use the following DNS server addresses

Update the DNS servers with the Adguard DNS servers,
click - OK

Click Close

Restart the Kiosk device to test accessing adult sites.

The device should automatically log on with the Kiosk account.

In google, enter the keyword - Nude - and search.
Safe Search is applied automatically and will only return safe results

The same thing happens when searching in YouTube.

Safe Search is also applied to DuckDuckGo.

Safe Search is also applied to Bing

When trying to access an adult site, it will also be blocked


Logging onto the kiosk machine with an admin account