Creating Device Enrollment Manager (DEM) accounts

Device Enrollment Manager (DEM) accounts - Link


Create licensed accounts

dem.shared - for deploying shared devices

dem.corporate - for deploying corporated devices

Add the users to standard groups
Add the users to the specialised groups that are being targeted




Add accounts as Device Enrollment Managers

Devices - Enroll Devices -

Device Enrollment Managers


Add the users - Note, you will need to add the full UPN (you can't search)

Add all DEM accounts


Process for utilising DEM accounts -

Build your Windows device as per normal without registering for autopilot.

At the initial logon screen, log in with the credentials of the DEM account that you want the device configured for. As I am testing for shared devices, I am using the credentials for the dem.shared DEM account.

Once logged on, applications, scripts, config profiles that are assigned to the user will be deployed.

Note - if you are following this blog step by step, the Enrollment Status Page will not be applied as that has only been assigned to autopilot devices, and this is not an autopilot device.
In the real world, you would update the Enrollment Status Page to target extra groups, like the MFA group which all users are most likely in.


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