Configure Telemetry for Windows Updates

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Windows 10 Reporting and Telemetry - Link
Changes to Telemetry Options and Behaviours - Link -

This tutorial will take you through the steps to creating a Configuration Profile to configure telemetry for Windows Updates.


Devices - Configuration Profiles

Create profile

Use the drop down box to select - Windows 10 and later

Use the drop down box to select - Templates

Device Restrictions - Create

Configuration Profile settings

Name - Windows 10 - Telemetry for Windows Updates
Description - This configures basic telemetry for Windows Updates

Scroll down - Select - Reporting and Telemetry

Share usage data -
Use the drop down box to select Required (as a minimum) -

Configure the proxy server if needed

Assignments -
Select - Add Groups -

Search for and select the groups to be assigned.

Applicability Rules - None

Review and create


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