Deploying .Net 3.5

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Preparation -
If you have a Win10 ISO you can get the .NET 3.5 cab-files from the SXS folder. Mount the Win10 ISO and navigate to sources\sxs and copy the 2 files that contains netfx3 in the name.

You can always download the latest Windows 10 Evaluation ISO and open that within Windows 10.
Browse to ..\sources\SXS
Select the two cab files with NetFX3 in the name

Copy and paste them to c:\scripts\DotNet35


Create the Intunewin file -
Download the Intune Win32 Prep tool 
For simplicity, I save and run the file from c:\scripts
I output the file to c:\scripts\output
I save the downloaded exe files to c:\scripts\AppName (c:\scripts\OneDriveEXE)

Open a CMD/PowerShell window and run IntuneWinAppUtil.exe
When prompted, provide the following values

  • Source folder - where the downloaded agent is saved
  • Setup file - name of the exe file - OneDriveSetup.exe
  • Output folder - where the generated file will be stored - C:\Scripts\Output
  • Do you want to specify a catalog folder - N


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